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Module 1: Intro to Genetics

learning-objectives.png     Learning Objectives

  • 1.1 Define main goals for genetic medicine research
  • 1.2 Define main goals of population genetics research, identifying its relevance in the context of genetic medicine
  • 1.3 Define types of genetic disease comparing monogenic and complex diseases. Identify challenges for characterizing complex diseases
  • 1.4 List different types of genetic variation
  • 1.5 Understand linkage disequilibrium and how LD is measured. List causes of different LD patterns across populations
  • 1.6 Define the purpose of the Hapmap/1000 Genomes project. List examples of how such resources are used. Demonstrate how the platforms work, showing where to download data, describing the data sets
  • 1.7 Identify other reference panels in use or in development. Understand why researchers need more reference panels. Understand what it takes to build a reference panel
  • 1.8 Learn the difference between genotype and sequence data types

lecture-video.png  Lecture Videos and Learning Checks

Below is an overview of this module. Using the “Next” button below, please watch the required videos and complete the corresponding learning checks to self-assess your comprehension of the key concepts covered. You may also download the videos directly by clicking on the titles. After you have completed the videos and learning checks, please complete the corresponding assignment.