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Module 8: Quality-Control for GWAS: Part II

learning-objectives.png     Learning Objectives

  • 8.1 Define population stratification and be able to identify types of populations stratification (ancestry differences, differential bias, family relatedness, cryptic relatedness)
  • 8.2 Define and understand the limitations of genomic control and QQ plots
  • 8.3 Recognize the steps for correcting for stratification using PCA and be able to provide an example of an association analysis using ancestry corrected phenotypes and genotypes
  • 8.4 Define the difference between stratification and polygenic effects, and intuitions over LD score regression models

lecture-video.png  Lecture Videos and Learning Checks

Below is an overview of this module. Using the “Next” button below, please watch the required videos and complete the corresponding learning checks to self-assess your comprehension of the key concepts covered. You may also download the videos directly by clicking on the titles. After you have completed the videos and learning checks, please complete the corresponding assignment.