Announcing the GINGER Logo Contest!

Map with crayons

GINGER has a catchy name but is now looking for a logo to represent its work. We are very excited to announce the launch of a logo design contest and we invite you to dust off your easel, pull out your crayons, or boot up Microsoft Paint and send in a submission (or two or three…). Some of the key themes could include: global, education, brain health and/or genetics, but please feel free to get creative!


This contest is open to all and there are no eligibility restrictions. The individual who designs the winning logo will receive an iPad!

Please read through the following requirements prior to submitting your design:

    • The logo should be submitted in color but should also work if printed in black & white.
    • The logo must be simple enough to be recognizable when small.
    • Please do not include your name or signature in the logo.
    • You can submit the logo in any format you wish – you can draw it by hand and take a photo or use computer design/illustrator tools.
    • Although GINGER is affiliated with the Broad Institute and Harvard, submitted logos cannot be derivative of any existing Harvard or Broad insignia, and may not alter, include, or reference internal elements of existing insignia such that the resulting logo resembles one of Harvard or the Broad’s insignia.
    • And lastly, because GINGER is a global program, we prefer that logos do not focus solely on a specific region.

Submission guidelines: Please submit your logo using the below link by no later than Monday, August 17, 2020. 

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*Please note that GINGER reserves the right not to select any logos submitted. GINGER also reserves the right to modify or revise any submitted logos, as necessary.