Learn a little more about our four flagship initiatives.

Our programs make up the backbone of GINGER’s mission in practice, working in tandem to champion up-and-coming neuropsychiatric genetics researchers, engage and connect early to mid-career scientists, build up learning infrastructure with our partner institutions and advance important genetics research.

In the past, large-scale genetic studies around neuropsychiatric disorders have only focused on genomes with European ancestry. With a little support from GINGER programs and trainings, these scientists will change that.

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To be among people, you need to speak their language. Three years ago, if you had given me a genetics paper to read, I would have run for the hills. But now I am very confident. I now speak the language.

  • Research Fellows

    Our flagship training program supports an entirely new generation of genetics researchers through in-person research workshops, virtual classrooms, group projects and ongoing mentorship. These Fellows vary from practicing clinical psychiatrists, post-doctoral students and junior faculty in neuroscience and genetics to current doctoral students.

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  • Teaching Fellows

    Here’s how we engage early career scientists and researchers looking to gain hands-on experiences in the classroom. We place them in GINGER training sessions around the world where they help create curriculum and teach the next generation of GINGER Fellows. And it’s just the right spot for post-doctoral students to build global relationships and collaborations with other scientists.

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  • Short Courses

    GINGER also offers a series of introductory research courses in collaboration with our partner institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda. These on-site trainings are meant to introduce neuropsychiatric genetics concepts and fundamental research skills earlier in potential researchers’ academic careers, hoping to spark interest in the field of neuropsychiatric genetics and support vital curriculum development at each institution.

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  • Applied Research Mentors

    This is the next level for our Research Fellows - where they can apply what they’ve learned at GINGER to a real-life, active genetics study. We pair graduating Fellows with experienced scientists and researchers who guide them in creating and implementing neuropsychiatric disorder data collection and study.

    Applied Research Mentors

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