On-Site Trainings

One component of GINGER’s learning and mentoring initiatives are introductory research courses (“on-site trainings”) held in collaboration with partner institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda. Each workshop runs for approximately one to two weeks and consists of multiple short courses co-taught by GINGER Teaching Fellows, GINGER faculty, and local faculty.

On-site trainings are geared toward the broader communities at the partner institutions, and will be open to a larger audience, including graduate students, fellows, research assistants, and project managers. The goal of the on-site trainings is to spark interest in the field neuropsychiatric genetics, to offer foundational research courses not yet offered at collaborating institutions, and to create a community of interested individuals for both the partner institutions and GINGER Research Fellows throughout East and South Africa. All curriculum for on-site research workshops are developed in partnership with local institutions.

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