Moi University Applied Biostatistics & Research Methods Training


Call for Applications:

Applied Biostatistics & Research Methods Workshop

The Boma Inn – Eldoret, Kenya

18-22 May 2020

The Moi University School of Medicine is partnering with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to offer a five-day course in applied biostatistics with R-programming and epidemiologic research methods.

Participants in this course will receive an introduction to the application of statistical methods. The statistical package R will be utilized for the course. Epidemiologic study design used in research will also be covered. The goal of this course is to enable attendees to learn these techniques so they can apply the methods to their own research and to better understand the results presented in medical literature.

Participants must be medical residents in their second year of studies at the Moi University School of Medicine, and should have an interest in pursuing a career in research and sharing the knowledge gained with others in the Moi University research community.

The course will overview:

  • Fundamental statistical concepts and techniques, such as summary statistics, T-tests, and Chi-Square;
  • Current applications of statistics using the statistical software package R, with an emphasis on the appropriateness of statistical inferences and interpretation of results;
  • Fundamental epidemiology, including the principles, methods, and tools used by epidemiologists to study public health, including study design, bias, and confounding.

Requirements: This course is open to medical residents in their second year of studies at Moi University’s School of Medicine. Participants should either be in the process of collecting data or analyzing data for their research projects. A laptop is required for the duration of the course.

Application:  Interested individuals are required to apply for the course.

To apply, please click here: Application Page

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 The deadline to register is March 25, 2020.