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Jorge Buendía-Buendía

Jorge Buendia-Buendia received his undergraduate degree in Genomic Sciences from the National University of Mexico (UNAM). He subsequently received an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics at Harvard University. After graduation, he conducted research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard studying mechanisms of tumor evolution and resistance to treatment in breast cancer. He currently works as a computational biologist at Cellarity Inc., a biotech startup that uses artificial intelligence and single cell genomics to develop new drugs. His scientific interests are at the intersection of medicine, mathematics, and computing. Another of his interests is science education, since 2014 he has participated as an instructor and part of the organizing team of Clubes de Ciencia México and recently began collaborating with the GINGER and NeuroMex team.